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Fruit Guys


What size pack is best for us?

All customers are different, but as a rule we find that each staff member will eat roughly 2 pieces per day. Some more, some less.
So as a guide…

5 staff

1 medium case per week


10 staff

1 medium or large case per week


20 staff

2 large cases per week

Monday / Wednesday

50 staff

3-4 large cases per week

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

Remember, if you find you have too much fruit you can easily skip a delivery by letting us know the day prior. Or if you run out, we can slot in an extra delivery for you.

What will be in this weeks pack?

Because fruit is seasonal and we only buy the freshest, tastiest fruit each day. From day to day some things may be unavailable. What we can guarantee, is that there will always be a great selection of the tastiest fruit available.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver with a smile Monday to Friday. If there is a public holiday we will deliver the next working day.

Do you deliver outside Auckland?

YES, we now deliver throughout New Zealand.  

Why wouldn’t we just go to the local supermarket or fruit shop ourselves?

Well you could, but the fruit we deliver will be better, fresher and with the time you save, we will probably be cheaper. Try a case and you will instantly see and taste the difference.

Why are you the best workplace fruit supplier in New Zealand?

Our company have been exporting and importing fresh fruit for 25 years. We don’t just buy from the wholesale market, we deal directly with the best growers of export quality fresh fruit in New Zealand. Our buyers really know fruit and you can rely on them to get the best fruit each day for you!