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Fruit Guys


What size pack is best for us?

All customers are different and the amount you need will depend greatly on how many meals you eat at home, how often you entertain and how hungry you are. As a rule we recommend.

Couples ( or singles with a healthy appetite ) - The Couples Delight - $34.00

Small Families   -  The Harvest Pack  -  $44.00

Large Families ( or flats )  -  The Ploughmans  -  $66.00

If these aren’t enough, you can top up with extra fruit or veggies.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver Tuesday to Friday. Deliveries will be made in the afternoon. If you wont be home our driver can leave the box in a safe cool place for you to collect when you do get home. Just note any specific delivery instructions when you open your account on our web page.

When do I need to order?

After we receive your order, we need a day to get our ducks in a row. i.e. order your goodies from our suppliers. So see below…

To get your delivery on a Tuesday – your order must be entered  online by 9am on Monday.     

To get your delivery on a Wednesday – your order must be entered online by 9am on Tuesday.               

To get your delivery on a Thursday – your order must be entered online by 9am on Wednesday.             

To get your delivery on a Friday – your order must be entered online by 9am on Thursday.

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery is free as long as the value of your order is $30 or more. If it is less than $30 in value then a $10 delivery charge applies.

Can I set up a standing order?

No problem, just indicate this when you set up your account online. If you need to put it on hold at all, just let us know and we will make sure the deliveries are paused.

What happens if there is a public holiday?

When a public holiday falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, we will delay your deliveries to the next day. If Friday is a public holiday then we will contact you about getting your deliveries on the Thursday instead.

Can I choose what goes in my box?

When you set up your account, you can specify your likes or dislikes. i.e. we don’t like broccoli but need extra carrots. No problem. We will do our best to accommodate you.

How fresh is the produce?

It’s really fresh. It has been bought that morning, either directly from the growers or at the fresh produce wholesale markets. It’s not unusual for you to get vegies that have only been harvested that same morning.                                                                         

How do I know this produce is safe to eat?

Fruit Guys operate a fully audited Food Safety Program. All of our suppliers, handlers and facilities are audited and approved to ensure we can bring you the freshest, cleanest, safest produce possible.

What if there is a problem with my order?

We hope it never happens. But if it’s our fault, just call us and we will either refund or replace your order.